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Confined Space (Hole Watch) Attendant


Safety Solutions and Supply offers trained technicians and equipment to support your confined space entry team. Confined Space (hole watch) Attendants are the critical link in protecting your workers when performing confined space work. Safety Solutions and Supply takes this responsibility very seriously. Our team of technicians are our employees, selected, trained and qualified by our company. Our proven team of Technicians are available for support 24/7 and well experienced in turnaround and industrial support activities.

In addition to providing trained and qualified confined space (hole watch) attendants, our services include monitoring equipment for atmospheric hazards commonly encountered in confined spaces. Safety Solutions and Supply Technicians are trained specifically on the operation and application of our instruments to ensure that atmospheric hazards are being properly monitored for entry activities.

Professional support, qualified technicians and the right equipment, that is the Safety Solutions and Supply way. Call us to discuss how we can reliably support your next project.

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