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Safety must be treated as a priority to your company’s financial security as well as for the protection of all workers, and less as an “expendable commodity” to be traded back and forth.

Having a company-specific program designed and implemented daily will give your company just that extra to shine through the pack and showcase your company as a reliable and safe one to work with.

As a business providing a wide range of services with differing levels of complexity and technical requirements, health and safety have to be embedded into the day-to-day business. This is not something new for Safety Solutions & Supply. It has always been a priority. Through its commitment to training and increased awareness through communication initiatives such as ‘have a safe day,’ it is now part of the company’s culture.

Safety Solutions & Supply’s Embedded Safety Program is a unique and efficient strategy designed to manage an organization’s overall safety and health. This program involves the designation of one Safety Solutions & Supply Safety Professional as the account representative to be your point of contact and safety resource. Starting anywhere from our suggested minimum of 16 hours a month to 40 hours a week, our account representative can serve at any level you choose within your organization. From consulting with your existing safety team to managing all aspects of your safety program, this program will be tailored to align with your goals and objectives.

One of the most valuable benefits of this program is the fact that you are not only guided by the knowledge of one person but backed by the entire wealth of resources that Safety Solutions & Supply has to offer. Our representatives work in construction and general industry atmosphere and are well versed in OSHA, MSHA, and DOT regulations. As a business enrolled in this program, you will also receive the added benefit of discounted training, whether by sending an individual to one of our open enrollment classes or a custom class held at your facility.

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