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Safety Solutions and Supply has the expertise to assist you in protecting your workers against the number one cause of accidents and injuries in the workplace which is fall hazards. Our team of professionals is available to complete a facility or site audit for you concentrating on walking working surfaces and identify and mitigate any potential fall hazards which haven’t been addressed. Along with auditing, we can assist you in developing fall protection programs, site plans and walking working surfaces auditing programs.

Once the fall protection hazards have been identified we will work with you to mitigate these hazards and present you with the appropriate safety products to protect your employees. Safety Solutions and Supply has partnered with industry leading manufacturers in the fall protection arena. We can provide you with a fall protection equipment needs assessment for a particular site or facility and supply you with a proposal for items such as a basic anchor point, portable or permanent fall protection systems, and rescue equipment to prepare you in a fall emergency. You can rest assured we have the proper equipment to match any of your fall protection challenges.

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