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With the high quantity of industrial labor accidents and injuries affecting workers all over the globe, the concept of occupational industrial hygiene has become an everyday notion. This is typically characterized as the continued study, recognition, assessment, and management of environmental stressors arising from the workplace. Stressors constitute any kind of chemical or biological agent, environmental condition, or any other occurrences that create the possibility of behavioral stress, worry, or trauma. These kinds of stressors can result in occurrences of bodily damage, internal impairments, or they can affect an employee’s health.

Safety Solutions & Supply supports our clients with various industrial hygiene sampling and occupational health services, including air contaminant sampling, noise surveillance and exposure studies, breathing air quality certification, and other medical services. With the high potential of exposure to chemical and physical hazards in the workplace, worker protection should prioritize any successful organization.

Our analytical partners have the highest levels of accreditation to ensure that we provide prompt and accurate results. All sampling events will include a complete report, employee notifications, and postings to ensure full compliance with all regulatory requirements. After an initial phase, which includes a meticulous in-person evaluation accompanied by an air quality test, our recommendations can offer remedies for certain situations that are unsafe to workers. With additional analysis, maintenance, and testing, a work risk evaluation can provide ways to make your workplace continually more secure.

We also offer complete on-site solutions to your medical surveillance needs. Our qualified staff provides DOT driver physicals, audiometric testing, respiratory exams, drug testing, and other necessary medical support activities in a prompt and cost-effective manner. Give us a call to schedule and start saving time and money.

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