ASSE’s SeminarFest 2018 a one-stop opportunity for a lot of safety training

MANAGERS AND TEAM MEMBERS here at Safety Solutions & Supply enjoy venturing out every once in a while and attending some of the trade shows, conventions and professional association meetings that are relevant to our business and to the clients we serve. Each of these events provide great opportunities to renew old acquaintances and make new ones; to share expertise; to learn about new trends, technologies and products; to get updated on current and coming new workplace safety standards; and, yes, to relax a bit, have some fun, and enjoy a nice change of pace from the normal work schedule.

The next item on our special events calendar is SeminarFest 2018, set for Feb. 1-8 at The Rio in Las Vegas. SeminarFest is a one-stop opportunity to attend a long and broad list of professional safety training seminars. It’s put on annually by The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE). Founded in 1911, ASSE is the world’s oldest professional safety society. ASSE promotes the expertise, leadership, and commitment of its members, while providing them with professional development, advocacy, and standards development. A major sponsor of SeminarFest this year is Grainger, the Chicago-based industrial supply company.

Offering a preview of SeminarFest 2018 online at, ASSE describes the rationale for the event:

“ASSE’s educational philosophy is that learning should be immersive, engaging, and relevant to what you’re doing in your workplace today. Our goal is for you to immediately apply the knowledge you’ve gained at SeminarFest to benefit you personally and professionally. Bring back the newest ideas and approaches within the OSH (occupational safety and health) industry, and emerge as a leader in your organization.”

SeminarFest offers:

  • Full days of quality education, in-depth discussions and activities

  • Opportunities to explore relevant topics with practitioners, experts, and peers

  • More than 90 courses developed from 10 or more areas of focus

  • Courses specific to each attendee’s experience level

  • Practice time using new tools and techniques with the guidance of expert instructors

ASSE bills SeminarFest 2018 as an event of “world-class seminars, networking and inspiration.” The website adds: “SeminarFest is a one-of-a-kind education event designed to empower attendees to dig deeper, achieve their professional development goals, and engage in a vibrant community of safety professionals. Here are just a few ways we deliver on this promise:

Representatives from Safety Solutions & Supply will be among more than 1,200 OSH professionals who are expected to travel to Las Vegas for SeminarFest 2018. ASSE leaders and event organizers hope that anyone who attends will leave “inspired to effect change in your organization.”

SeminarFest is boldly circled on Safety Solutions & Supply’s 2018 special events calendar. Members of our traveling team are really looking forward to attending.

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