Stay Safe When Using Mobile Equipment at Surface Mines

Safety should always be a main priority no matter what workspace you’re in. One of the most dangerous safety issues can be haul trucks and other large surface mining vehicles. According to  the Mine Safety and Health Administration, nearly 40% of fatalities and 30% of all injuries in 2017 involved mobile equipment. Since 2007, there have been more than 61 mining fatalities involving mobile equipment. These vehicles could even destroy small vehicles that cannot be seen by the operator. We here at Safety Solutions & Supply recommend enhancing your safety procedures by using collision warning and avoidance systems and training your drivers to avoid distractions and obey all traffic controls.
Good Safety Practices to Follow

  • Always communicate with your fellow employees about the time and location of any planned movement by your equipment operators.
  • Make sure all employees are trained to recognize workplace hazards when operating large equipment. These hazards include limited visibility and blind spot areas. Employees should also be instructed to avoid driving or parking smaller vehicles where larger equipment is used.
  • Make sure your operators know the importance of using flags or strobe lights on the cabs of their vehicles. If the flags are placed high enough within view of the equipment operators, haulage truck operators will be able to spot them.
  • Finally, try installing collision warning and avoidance systems on all mobile equipment. A collision warning system will provide equipment operators with an awareness of the location of nearby personnel, light vehicles, stationary structures, and other pieces of equipment through a display screen in the operator’s compartment and through audible and visible alarms. A collision avoidance system can take control of the mobile equipment to slow it down or stop it before an accident can occur.

We here at Safety Solutions & Supply encourage you to make sure you follow the safety procedures set in place at your workplace. We want you to be able to work safely no matter what field you are in. If you have any questions, please call us at 866-537-2262.
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