Safety slogans and quips go way back in time

SAFETY SIGNS and safety slogans. If you work or have worked outside the home, you’ve likely seen them in the workplace. If you’ve worked in construction or where a lot of tools, machinery, and/or chemicals are or have been involved, you’ve likely seen a lot of signs and slogans about personal safety.

These slogans aren’t just products of the modern age, and they weren’t necessarily ushered in by the Industrial Revolution (from about 1760 to about 1840). No, these slogans go way back — back at least to the times of the earliest and perhaps greatest philosophers and writers. Try this one from the ancient Greek poet Aeschylus (525-456 BC): “Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety.”

Quotes about personal safety — in documents, posters, and signage — often are humorous, cute, and clever. Sometimes, they even come with a bite, a bit of sarcasm. These tend to be the best-remembered ones — the ones that stand the test of time. Many are good. Some are great. All have a useful purpose — to make us think about safety.

Here, for some fun and perhaps even for some enlightenment and edification, are 25 short-and-sweet safety quotes and slogans (just a fraction of the hundreds available) that seem worthy to pass along through our blogging here at Safety Solutions & Supply. (Attribution is listed when available. Otherwise, the source is unknown.)

  1. Safety is no accident.

  2. The key to safety is in your hands.

  3. Stay alert. Don’t get hurt.

  4. A spill, a slip, a hospital trip.

  5. Chance takers are accident makers.

  6. Before you do it, take time to think through it.

  7. Tomorrow. Your reward for working safely today.

  8. Accidents hurt. Safety doesn’t.

  9. Safety rules are your best tools.

  10. “Precaution is better than a cure.” — Edward Coke

  11. Safety glasses: All in favor, say “Eye!”

  12. Don’t be hasty when it comes to safety.

  13. The safe way is the only way.

  14. Hug your kids at home, but belt them in the car.

  15. Prepare and prevent; don’t repair and repent.

  16. Safety. Do it. Do it right. Do it now.

  17. Safety is a frame of mind, so concentrate on it — all the time.

  18. “Better a thousand times careful than once dead.” — Proverb

  19. Safety fits like a glove. Try one on.

  20. “ ‘Safety first’ is ‘Safety always.’ ” — Charles M. Hayes

  21. Safety first makes us last.

  22. Hearing protection is a sound investment.

  23. Safety is as simple as ABC — Always Be Careful.

  24. Don’t learn safety by accident.

  25. Safety: It’s the tool for LIFE.

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