Safety Solutions & Supply partners with Insurance Specialists, WCS, to Ensure Lowest Premiums and a Safe Work Environment

Safety Solutions and Supply, combined with our partner Duke Mills and the team from WCS, can help your organization achieve a sound balance between employee safety and financial costs. Our detailed assessments enable us to pinpoint areas of risk, set preventative measures, and keep your employees secure while at the same time minimizing your organization’s workers’ compensation premiums.


Taking advice from industry experts on workplace safety in combination with workers’ compensation can benefit your company in many ways. Not only will this action help to protect employees, but it could also save money on insurance premiums. These advantages include, but are not limited to, the following eight benefits:


1. Lower cost of claims and benefits: By leveraging the services of a workers’ compensation consultant and a safety professional, an organization can save on the costs of premiums and claims by ensuring workplace safety protocols and training are up-to-date and effective.


2. Improve employee morale: Knowing that their employer has taken the extra step to invest in the health and safety of their workplace helps employees feel more secure in their work environment and can lead to increased morale and improved productivity.


3. Promote education: The consultants can help organizations educate their staff and supervisors on proper safety procedures and protocols and provide the latest industry updates. 


4. Minimizing safety risks: An experienced safety professional and a compensation consultant can provide organizations with an in-depth safety evaluation and a detailed risk management plan. Organizations can maximize workplace safety and minimize costly claims by identifying and addressing potential safety concerns in advance.


5. Boost organizational reputation: Employers with an effective workplace safety program and a strong track record for employee well-being can see an improved reputation within their community, which can be invaluable to the business’s long-term success.


6. Ensure regulatory compliance: Having a team of professionals to stay on top of ever-changing labor laws and regulations can help ensure an organization remains compliant with all applicable worker’s compensation and safety regulations and support an organization in avoiding costly penalties and fines.


7. Streamline the claims process: When properly implemented, a workers’ compensation and safety consultant team can handle the process of filing, handling, and approving workers’ compensation claims and other employee benefits in an efficient and compliant manner resulting in better outcomes for both parties.


8. Legal Support: Consultants can assist organizations in getting ready for court cases and legal mediation proceedings concerning their claims.


By taking the initiative to prioritize workplace safety, employers are better equipped to reap the rewards of lower premiums and overall security. Establishing an alliance with safety experts and workers’ compensation specialists to introduce safety regulations, protocols, and guidelines will protect the staff and the company and minimize workers’ compensation premiums. Allow us to work together to safeguard the health of your workers while keeping costs in check.


About Safety Solutions and Supply

Safety Solutions and Supply’s qualified professionals specialize in developing and supporting your company personnel through safety training programs, general consulting services, program development, and selecting the appropriate personal protective equipment for your team. Using only leading industry best practices, we are committed to creating a more productive and safe work environment within your organization and pride ourselves on our ability to create a customized safety solution tailored to your needs.


About WCS – WorkComp Solutions

WCS is a forensic, niche company specializing in tailored solutions for businesses by focusing on policy design, risk management consulting, claims management, and recovering overpayments of premiums. WCS was one of the first agencies in the state of Florida to focus solely on providing workers’ compensation solutions for employers. Through decades of serving the business community, WCS has found that the magnitude of insurance policies are not appropriately managed in today’s marketplace. As a result, we have expanded our services to all commercial lines of insurance and developed a risk assessment strategy to identify and mitigate potential threats in your workplace to protect your organization’s wealth and reputation.

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