5 Features You Want in Your Next Gas Detector

Are you looking to purchase a new gas detector? If so, you want one that will promote safety and save you money. In a world where the choices are always changing, it’s hard to know which one is the right one. That’s why we here at Safety Solutions & Supply  have made a list to help you know exactly what to look for in your next gas detector.
Features You Want in Your Next Gas Detector

  1. Accuracy
    This is a percentage on the gas detector that tells you the closeness of the reading to the actual concentration. However, most manufacturers vary when it comes to how the accuracy it measured. So to get the best insight into how the device will perform, you should review the accuracy, resolution, and sensitivity of the monitor separately.
  2. Cross-Sensitivities
    Cross-sensitivity can result in either a reading that there is too much of the targeted gas or cancels out the reading altogether. Neither of these situations benefit your employees. A good solution to preventing the effects of cross-sensitivity is to be aware of all agents associated with each site and their effects on the readings.
  3. Reliability 
    Research the different things that will affect your worksite such as temperature, pressure, and humidity, and choose a monitor based on how well it can hold up in these conditions. You should also investigate its test repeatability to see whether it achieves the same results in different conditions.
  4. Response Time
    For your workers to be aware of hazards in a quick manner, this is perhaps the most important factor to look for in your new gas detector. When you choose a device with a fast response time, it helps with the safety of your employees.
  5. User-Friendly
    This will make it less stressful on your employees and help them view it as an asset instead of a hindrance. Look for characteristics such as lightweight, durable, universal parts, shock-proof, and intelligent monitors.

If you develop a stronger understanding of these important features, you will be more likely to purchase a gas detector that is right for your company. This will lead to a safer workplace for you and your employees.
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