7 Reasons to Take Training Offsite

Do you need to offer a Safety Training Class for your employees? Did you know that using an offsite training location can provide several financial and educational benefits that may surprise you?

  1. No Costly Real Estate Investment: Rather than investing in expensive square footage that may be underused, take your training offsite. You will not only save on lease or purchase costs, but also utilities, cleaning, furnishings and technology investments.
  2. Locations Are Adaptable: You will be able to easily adjust to the amount of space you need, and to quickly set up for a large training rollout regardless of whether you have available internal space
  3. More Space Options: When you use in-house space, you’re limited to the size and configurations of facilities you have available. If your training requires a larger space, you may find yourself squeezing too many people into an unsuitable room. Additionally, your space may not be configured in the best way for the type of training you need to deliver.
  4. Hospitality Staff and Technical Support: Working with a third-party facility that includes complimentary hospitality and technical staff allows you to be confident the training will be fully supported so that you can focus on your learning objectives.
  5. Lower AV Equipment/Technology Investment: You will be able to take advantage of audio/visual equipment and other teaching equipment and tools that you may not have readily available in house.
  6. Limited Distractions: Participants will have a chance to both physically and mentally break away from their work routine and focus on the training.
  7. Provide a Sense of Occasion: Taking your training offsite can provide a break from the day-to-day work routine and cause participants to see it as a special activity causing them to treat it more seriously. This will ultimately lead to better learning outcomes.

When you consider not only the costs but also the learning benefits of an offsite location, you will notice that it may make sense to take your training offsite. Safety Solutions and Supply is proud to offer offsite Safety Training Programs for your business. Give us a call today at 866-537-2262 or visit us online for more information.
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