Beer Line Cleaning Risks

With breweries and distilleries reopening as COVID-19 restrictions are loosened, there is a high demand for great tasting beer and because of this, establishments have also elevated their need for line cleaning services to create the highest quality for the beer lovers in their establishments. 
The chemicals used to clean beer lines are strong and must be used with precaution, but most establishments either have new hires or employees who are becoming familiar with their jobs again after the long shut down. Therefore it is more crucial to implement basic programs and procedures to protect people and equipment such as: 

  1. Proper Training
    All employees should be trained on how to properly clean the line as well as what PPE should be used, and the correct measures to take to ensure the job gets done safely. 
  2. Clear Communication
    Employers should clearly communicate with coworkers by hanging signs on the tap handles to inform whether or not a line is being cleaned. 
  3. Constant Presence
    Employees should also be aware that their constant presence is required when line cleaning. They should stay onsite and visible until the job is completed. 
  4. Rinse Verification
    Test strips should be used to ensure that the line has been properly rinsed and free of any chemical residue. 
  5. Chemical Information
    Employees should also be knowledgeable of the chemicals they are using. Employers can help by providing the necessary safety data sheets for each chemical and having employees review them regularly. 

By following the above procedures, safety incidents can be prevented and the beer lovers at your establishment will be completely satisfied with your products. If you have any questions about chemical training contact us here at Safety Solutions and Supply and let one of our professionals help you. If you have any additional concerns, feel free to visit us online, check out our training services, or give us a call here at 866-537-2262. 
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