Multiple Approaches to Managing Workplace Safety and Health

When proper safety and health guidelines are not in place, it can lead to workplace accidents or even worse the fatality of an employee. This could not only claim human life but will also disrupt operation, damage equipment and harm the company’s reputation. In order to keep your employees safe, we would like to share some approaches you can take towards managing your workplace safety and health. 

  1. Legislative Approach
    This approach allows you to maintain safety through regulations and laws. These laws are in place to protect your employees from workplace hazards. This approach can be used as a basic set of minimum requirements but in order to achieve a high level of safety, you’ll want to look beyond just complying with legal requirements. 
  2. Technological Approach
    This approach can also be considered the Engineering Approach. The technological aspect can offer solutions to improve safety by eliminating or reducing workplace risks. 
  3. Safety Management System Approach
    This is a highly recognized approach on top of the technological approach. This can be defined as a set of policies, procedures and resources that interact to minimize losses and damage. The main objective is to control risk with an acceptable range in specific operations. This approach must be integrated daily to encourage the safe behavior of the employees. 
  4. Psychological Approach
    This approach emphasizes human factors such as behavior, perception, and attitude. Researchers have found that human factors play a big role in industrial disasters.  So, by managing the psychological aspect of your employees, you can improve your levels of safety performance and reduce your accident rates.

These four approaches are a step in the right direction toward managing safety and health in the workplace. When they are implemented, they will help achieve excellence in the occupational safety and health of your employees.
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