How to Protect Your Hearing in the Workplace

Did you know that loud noise can reduce work productivity and increase workplace accidents?

Exposure to high levels of noise can also cause permanent hearing loss and limit your ability to hear high frequencies, understand speech, or communicate properly. This kind of damage to your hearing takes away from those precious moments in life when you are able to freely talk with a friend, play with family, or participate in any social activities.
We here at Safety Solutions and Supply want you to live a healthy life, so we’ve put together some tips to protect your hearing.
Prevention is key to protecting your hearing.
The best way to protect your hearing is by planning ahead for potential exposure before you enter the workplace so that you can be ready with the needed protection to supplement noise reduction. You can also post signs in high noise areas so that employees know to wear the proper protective equipment in those areas. Another way is for employers to use prefabricated noise barriers and limit the hours that employees can work in hazardous noise areas.
According to OSHA, there are three simple steps to help you remember this,

  • Reduce it. Use the quietest equipment available.
  • Move it. Place noisy equipment away from workers.
  • Block it. Erect temporary barriers to block noise from reaching workers.

If you follow those three steps, you will be taking the correct steps toward preventing hearing loss.
If you need any ideas or have any questions regarding National Protect Your Hearing Month, feel free to contact us here at Safety Solutions and Supply. We are proud to offer training services, so give us a call today at 866-537-2262 for more information.
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