10 Reasons You Need Regular Safety Audits on Your Construction Site.

Many in the construction industry claim that the nature of construction work makes accidents inevitable, but if we look back over the injury records, we will see that many of them could have been prevented.
In fact, contractors who make safety a priority on their job sites report substantially fewer injuries than others. Outside of practicing safe working habits, there are multiple ways to help make sure your job site is safe for you and your workers, including safety audits. Here are ten ways safety audits could help improve your construction site:

  1. Evaluates Effectiveness of Safety Programs: An audit helps everyone learn from mistakes made by evaluating how accidents could have been avoided. This will help you to make your safety program stronger and more effective in future projects. 
  2. Saves Money and Lives: It is better to find out about a safety risk during a regular audit than after an accident has already happened. It keeps workers safe and keeps costs low.
  3. Discover New Safety Hazards: Every year, new tools and construction equipment with new hazards are invented. A regular audit ensures that you stay in step with the regulations that OSHA sets forth for job site safety.
  4. Ensures that Equipment is Safe to Use: Equipment can pose a safety hazard if it’s not properly maintained. Larger equipment should be checked for damage prior to use, and all users should receive the proper training for operation of this equipment.
  5. Allows you to Evaluate the Level of Safety Training: If anyone hasn’t attended safety training yet, or perhaps his or her training has expired, you should schedule up-to-date training sessions as soon as possible.
  6. Keeps Everyone Alert: A regular audit of your safety program will ensure that everyone on the job site makes safety a priority and follows safety protocols closely.
  7. Increases Productivity: A safe and clean job site allows workers to move around with ease and accomplish their tasks more efficiently.
  8. Attracts New Clients: Investors are looking for contractors with a reputation for safety as it keeps their costs down and ensures that the job will be completed on time.
  9. Verify OSHA Compliance: OSHA has required standards and strict rules for all construction sites. A safety audit ensures that every part of your job site, from equipment to workers, are OSHA compliant.
  10. Keeps Everyone Prepared: While audits are meant to cut down on unsafe work practices, accidents will happen. An audit also serves to prepare people for these occasions.

Do any of these points hit home with your construction crew? Are you looking to improve the safety of your employees? We here at Safety Solutions and Supply  are proud to offer different training services to help you do just that. For more information or if you have any questions give us a call today at 866-537-2262.
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