Contractor Safety Management Process

The Contractor Safety Management Process (CSMP) from the Safety Management Group is a comprehensive program that addresses every facet of jobsite safety. 
By utilizing this process, you can help protect your team, contractors, subcontractors, and your own reputation by reducing your exposure to liability. CSMP helps you do this by creating a safety culture, addressing every aspect of your safety efforts, and ensuring accountability at all levels. This will also allow OSHA to see that you are serious about the safety of your employees. 
According to the Safety Management Group, this 11-step process assures you that every aspect of safety is being addressed, including:

  1. OWNER POLICY STATEMENT expressing and reinforcing safety’s critical importance.
  2. ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES, defining expectations for all participants.
  3. PROJECT SAFETY PLANNING to identify and address all potential hazards.
  4. CONTRACTOR SAFETY EVALUATION, prequalifying all contractors and subcontractors.
  5. CONTRACT SAFETY SPECIFICATIONS, incorporating safety specifications into bid documents.
  6. CONTRACTING PROCESS, playing active roles in pre-bid and pre-construction meetings.
  7. SITE COMMUNICATION, with safety orientation for everyone on the site.
  8. FIELD IMPLEMENTATION/PERMITS, documenting and sharing safety performance data.
  9. INCIDENT MANAGEMENT, reducing need for off site medical treatment and preventing recurrences.
  10. SAFETY COMMUNICATION, continuously sharing information with all site personnel.
  11.  PROCESS VERIFICATION, auditing all training, substance abuse, and field practices.

It can reduce your liability exposure and bolster your defense if litigation occurs. It also helps workers feel safer which will allow them to be more efficient and productive.
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