Safety News You Need: Trenching and Evacuation

Safety should always be the number one priority and if you are in the trenching and excavation industry this is safety news you need to know. According to OSHA, every year, 40 workers on average are killed in trenching incidents. These deaths can be prevented, that’s why we here at Safety Solutions and Supply want to share some safety tips to help protect you and your employees. 
  • Make a plan Having a plan could mean the difference between catastrophic and excellence. That’s why the number one key to trenching safety is proper planning. Planning should include regular inspections, and ways to protect against cave-ins for any trench over 5 ft.
  • Monitor regularly If a safety issue comes up, work should be stopped immediately and tested for cave-ins by a trained professional. Be sure to know the type of soil your trench is in and put the correct protective systems in place. It is also helpful to create a daily check-list to help supervisors assess key factors as conditions change.
  • Implement training reminders Be sure to discuss the dos and don’ts of trenching safety with your employees before they enter a trench. Having the proper training will help lessen accident rates significantly.
  • Know the risk Cave-ins are not the only hazard in the trenching industry. Risks also include hazardous atmospheres, inadequate ladders, improper barriers, standing water, and improper ventilation. Be sure your employees are properly trained on how to assess these risks and handle them properly. 
By using the proper precautions on the job, it could mean the difference between life and death. So please be sure to conduct the proper training and make sure your employees are well informed. If you have any additional concerns, feel free to visit us online Safety Solutions and Supply, check out our training services, or give us a call here at 866-537-2262.  Safety Solutions & Supply 314 E. Canal St. (State Road 60) Mulberry, Florida 33860 Phone: 1-866-537-2262 (toll free) E-mail: in**@so***************.com Web: