Innovation as a Safety Professional

In order for a safety professional to be more prepared for every situation, they’ll need to be innovative in finding what works best for each situation, and the more perspectives they relieve, the better prepared they will be. 
The only problem is that being innovative can be challenging, that’s why we here at Safety Solutions and Supply  want to share with you a few tips we’ve found helpful in pushing ourselves to be more innovative. 
According to J.A. Rodriques with the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, “Innovation is how you look at the world around you, how you process that information and then how you take it to your employer and apply it to your work environment.” In order to become a more innovative safety professional you need an innovative mindset as it’s not the supplies that create innovation, it’s the thought process. 
You also need to stop making assumptions because if your assumption is incorrect it could cause damage to your product, the reputation of the company, or even your own reputation. Safety professionals must always be cautious. 
Rodriques also pointed out that these things lead to innovation, “Hard work, persistence, late nights, rejections, sacrifices, discipline, criticism, doubts, failure and risks.”  By doing this you can foster a culture of innovation in your workplace. So be the example in your workplace, lead by example. You can spark innovation in those around you, by demonstrating innovation. 
If you and your safety professional are looking for some innovation, try taking a safety class here at Safety Solutions and Supply. You can also come in and speak to our team of safety professionals for any application questions you may have. If you have any additional concerns, feel free to visit us online Safety Solutions and Supply, check out our training services, or give us a call here at 866-537-2262. 
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