ASSP Publishes New Study Guide and Supervisory Manual

If you or someone you know is a safety professional, there are two new informational safety books that could potentially help you out in your field. The American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) recently announced that they have published the following two books that can assist occupational safety and health professionals in their search for expertise:

  • ASSP Study Guide for the ASP Examination: ASP10 Blueprint
    Earning an ASP certification can help boost your credentials and helps with achieving the CSP certification. According to ASSP this new guide thoroughly examines the 9 domains from the Associate Safety Professional exam and also contains a 250 question test to help prepare you for the exam. This guide also includes helpful information such as examples, equations, charts, and illustrations making it the perfect tool for anyone looking to prepare for the ASP exam.
  • Petersen’s Safety Supervision, Third Edition
    Many people consider Dan Petersen to be one of the founding fathers of modern workplace safety practices. According to ASSP, “Today’s supervisory emphasis on collaboration fit perfectly with his principles of coaching, motivating, technical accident investigation, and workplace inspection models for supervisors’ safety responsibilities.”  This textbook contains updates for the new generation of safety professionals with new sources, new information, and new research. 

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