Education and Training

Safety Solutions and Supply is proud to offer training services for a wide variety of industries. According to the United States Department of Labor, “Education and training are important tools for informing workers and managers about workplace hazards and controls so they can work more safely and be more productive.” 
By utilizing our training services here at Safety Solutions and Supply, you’ll be able to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to do your job safely and avoid hazards. You could also develop a sense of awareness and understanding of hazards in the workplace and how to identify, report, and control them. 
You can do this by following these 4 steps recommended by the United States Department of Labor

  • Provide Program Awareness Training
    All employees should understand the organization’s structure, plans, and procedures including the safety and health policies, how to report hazards, who to contact with concerns, and what to do in an emergency. This allows employees to maximize productivity and effectively improve the program. 
  • Train employees on their roles in the workplace
    In this training, organizations should reinforce employees’ knowledge of their responsibility and rights under the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Employees should also be taught how to properly report any injury or incident within the workplace. 
  • Train employees about safety and health programs
    This training will allow employees to effectively incorporate safety into their daily routines by instructing them on how to report illnesses and injuries, how to carry out safety responsibilities, and the organization’s program evaluation and improvement plan. 
  • Train employees on hazard identification and control
    This training will allow employees to understand hazards and how to eliminate them before any incidents occur. Employees should be trained to recognize hazards, when and how to wear personal protective equipment, and how change can create hazards. By understanding hazards, employees will be better capable of minimizing them. 

If you are interested in training programs for your organization, feel free to contact us here at Safety Solutions and Supply and let one of our professionals help you. If you have any additional concerns, feel free to visit us online, check out our training services, or give us a call here at 866-537-2262. 
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