Industrial Hygiene

An industrial hygienist plays a critical role in the health and safety of employees in all workplaces as they help to ensure an organization is following the correct procedures to keep their employees safe and eliminate harmful situations. 
Industrial Hygiene focuses on finding a solution to address risk and control the environment by identifying and evaluating potential stresses and risks in a work environment. This helps minimize the potential for injuries and sickness within the organization.
For the most part, industrial hygienists focus on specific risks that already exist in the workplace such as safety protocols for handling toxic chemicals, checking automatic ventilation systems, or any environmental hazards. If any of the safety protocols are outdated, the hygienists will help develop new protocols or address concerns related to the older business model.
By evaluating, assessing, and improving safety procedures, industrial hygienists help make a safe environment for all employees within an organization.
If you’re looking to become an industrial hygiene professional, you’ll need the right degree and certifications to obtain your career goals. This requires long-term plans as industrial hygienists have the opportunity to work in a variety of fields and industries. 
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