Fire Safety

According to Injury Facts, the deaths from home fires in the U.S. have gone down from 5200 in 1980 to 2,710 in 2017, but even one death is still too many. We here at Safety Solutions and Supply want to share some fire safety tips, you can follow to protect your family in case of a fire. 

  • Smoke Alarms
    You should have smoke alarms beside every room where someone is sleeping. Smoke alarms should also be tested monthly, and the batteries should be replaced annually. If your smoke alarm is 10+ years old, replace it. 
  • Escape Plans
    Once the smoke alarm sounds you should immediately know how to quickly get out of the building. If you have not already, sit down with your family and plan two ways to escape from each room and designate an outside meeting place where everyone should meet. Once you have your escape plan in place, be sure to practice with your family so you are ready in case of an emergency. 
  • Fire Extinguishers
    If there is a fire and you are not comfortable using your fire extinguisher, get out of the building. Your safety is more important. If the fire is small and not spreading and you feel confident with the extinguisher, place your back to an exit and attempt to put out the fire. To use a fire extinguisher remember the acronym PASS: Pull the pin, Aim low at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle slowly, Sweep the nozzle side to side. 
  • Most Importantly, Minimize the risk
    You can minimize the risk by instituting a ‘no smoking’ policy inside the house, making sure there are no frayed electrical cords around the house, and keep matches and lighters away from children.

If you have any questions about fire safety, feel free to contact us here at Safety Solutions and Supply and let one of our professionals help you. If you have any additional concerns, feel free to visit us online, check out our training services, or give us a call here at 866-537-2262. 
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