Don’t Let Your Workers Become a Confined-Spaces Fatality Statistic

On average in America, two workers die every week in accidents related to confined spaces. In recent years, the number of deaths in confined spaces ranged from 81 in 1998 to 136 in 2015, according the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The five-year period covering 2005-2009 was particularly bad for confined spaces accidents, with 481 fatalities reported. Continue reading

SS&S: Celebrating 9 years as your complete safety technical solutions provider

WHEN SAFETY SOLUTIONS & SUPPLY, INC., was launched as a Central Florida-based company in August 2009, the guiding mission was to be the complete technical solutions provider for any organization requiring safety services. Today, in August 2018, as we celebrate our ninth anniversary, we’re pleased to report that the mission hasn’t changed, though the means to accomplish it have greatly improved and expanded.Continue reading

SS&S certifies operators for a variety of mobile industrial equipment

IF IT HAS TIRE, TRACKS, OR TREADS, Safety Solutions & Supply has a mobile certification program to qualify operators in a variety of industries. The seven titles that fall under the heading of Mobile Equipment Training at SS&S are:

  • Aerial Work Platform / Bucket Truck Operations

  • Aerial Work Platform Operations (AWP)

  • Forklift – Extended Reach (Type 7)

  • Forklift – Straight Mast

  • Front End Loader

  • Skid Steer and Bobcat Operation

Continue reading

MSHA requires training for new miners and refresher training for experienced miners

SO, YOU WANT TO BE A MINER. (In Central Florida, that would be surface mining, mainly for phosphate.) In addition to a comprehensive orientation from the company you hire on with, some federally mandated training is involved. The requirements, for both new and experienced miners, come from MSHA, the Mine Safety and Health Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Labor. In an earlier blog article, we noted that MSHA (pronounced em-shuh) basically is for the U.S. mining industry what OSHA — another Labor department agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration — is for all other workplace environments.Continue reading

SS&S can help with a trio of safety-related data systems — ISNetworld, Avetta, and BROWZ

THERE’S AN IS COMPONENT to a long list of services provided by Safety Solutions & Supply.

IS is short for “information services.” IS is a broad term that includes IT, or “information technology.” Most people think of IT as having something to do with computers, networks, and software and the installation, servicing, and support for things like that.Continue reading