Our company HQ is in Mulberry, Fla. — ‘The Phosphate Capital of the World’

IN OUR MOST RECENT BLOGGING, we introduced the two locations for our Safety Solutions & Supply offices and training facilities — Mulberry, Fla., and Gonzales, La. — and we stated the practical reason for these city selections. Companies involved in mining, manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas extraction are here and there in significant numbers, and these are the kinds of companies that can benefit greatly from our occupational safety and health expertise and training services.

The article last time focused on Gonzales. This time, we want to feature Mulberry, the location for our company headquarters at 314 E. Canal St. (State Road 60 East).Continue reading

Around our site in Gonzales, La.: Mining, oil and gas extraction — and jambalaya

SAFETY SOLUTIONS & SUPPLY has its headquarters in the Central Florida city of Mulberry and a satellite location in the southeastern Louisiana city of Gonzales, a few miles northeast of Baton Rouge. It’s no coincidence that we have a presence in these two cities; nor is it a matter of chance. We’re here — and there, depending on your locale — because companies involved in the major industries we help, with safety training and other services, are located here. Those would include mining, manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas extraction.Continue reading

Introducing Safety Simon

Follow along with our favorite example of occupational health and safety practices

THE TEAM at Safety Solutions & Supply is very happy to introduce to you a new colleague and super ally in the never-ending battle against workplace hazards, unsafe work practices, and noncompliance in the regulatory arena of OHS (occupational health and safety).

Please meet Safety Simon. He’s a dummy that’s not a dummy when properly and strategically employed for safety training.Continue reading

We are pleased to state the mission of Safety Solutions & Supply

ON THE WEBSITE www.glennsmithcoaching.com, executive coach Glenn Smith has an article titled “7 Reasons Your Company Needs a Clear, Written Mission Statement.” His top two reasons are:

1. It determines the company’s direction. “Smart business owners use this statement to remind their teams why their company exists because this is what makes the company successful,” Smith writes.

2. It focuses the company’s future. “The mission tells us what we’re doing today that will then take us where we want to go in the future,” he writes.Continue reading