Learning about MSHA, the OSHA cousin for the mining industry

TIM BURTON, the operations manager for Safety Solutions & Supply, reports that our mine safety classes are among the most taken or attended classes we offer. These would be the training courses titled MSHA New Miner and MSHA Experienced Miner Refresher.

If you’re not familiar with the mining industry, you might now be wondering: “What is MSHA? What does MSHA stand for?”Continue reading

Fall-protection categories top OSHA’s top-10 list of 2017 workplace safety citations

THE FEDERAL Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, both units of the U.S. Department of Labor, together publish a boatload of statistics each year on the state of the American workplace.

A key role of Safety Solutions & Supply and its safety training instructional team is to help keep as many companies as possible — and as many worker accidents as possible — off one of the stats sheets. That would be OSHA’s annual list of the 10 most frequently cited workplace safety violations.Continue reading

Safety Solutions & Supply has forklift safety training covered from all angles

AMONG THE DOZENS of certified safety programs and courses offered by Safety Solutions & Supply are two that deal specifically with forklifts — those indispensable machines of warehousing, shipping, industry, manufacturing, and construction.

Given that, it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that our attention was quickly drawn to a headline and link we came across during recent trip around the World Wide Web. The headline is “5 Elements of Forklift Safety.” The link here points to an article in the October 2017 online issue of Safety+Health, the official magazine of the NSC Congress & Expo. NSC is short for National Safety Council, which has a home on the Web at www.nsc.org.

Without spoiling the article for anyone who wants to read it on his or her own — and we do recommend it as a thoughtful piece — the article has a subtitle of “Operators Balance Numerous Practices to Perform Work Safely.” It goes into some detail about the NSC’s five forklift safety elements of:

  • Train for Safety
  • Perform Checkups
  • Know the Machinery — and the Rules
  • Understand the “Stability Triangle”
  • Know About Load Basics

The Safety+Health article is a nice and interesting supplement to the essential and professional forklift safety training offered by Safety Solutions & Supply and taught by our highly experienced and certified instructors. The courses we provide are:

  • Straight Mast Forklift Training. (Find details here.)
  • Extended Reach (Type 7) Forklift Training. (Find details here.)

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all employers who own and use forklifts in their business to develop and implement an employee-operator training program based on the general principles of:

  • Safe truck operation;
  • The types of vehicle(s) being used in the workplace;
  • The hazards of the workplace created by the use of the vehicle(s); and
  • The general safety requirements of the OSHA standard.

According to the OSHA standard, forklift operators must know how to do the job properly and do it safely as demonstrated by workplace evaluation. Formal (lecture, video, etc.) and practical (demonstration and practical exercises) training must be provided.

To learn more about the safety training offered by Safety Solutions & Supply, go to http://solutionsinsafety.com/training/. You can find our current course schedule at http://solutionsinsafety.com/upcoming-events/. Our next forklift training courses are scheduled for Jan. 13 and 26.

At Safety Solutions & Supply, the strength is in the team

DAVID COOK, the founder and president of Safety Solutions & Supply, is an executive who’s well pleased with the team of professionals that he and his managers have put together since the company was started in 2009.

He said so in an interview he gave in November.

“We definitely feel that one of our assets as a service company is the strength of our individual employees,” David told the Central Florida Media Group.

“We actively participate in The American Society of Safety Engineers, ASSE. We are active with the local chapters and national chapter for ASSE. We’re involved in NCCER, which the National Center for Construction Education and Research, and actually have representation on their national safety committee,” he said.

“At a more individual level, many of our employees are participating in continued education and certification with the Board of (Certified) Safety Professionals, BCSP, to further advance their technical knowledge and obtain accreditation,” David added.

David said that he and his associates work hard to ensure that the company has the right safety-training and other resources to align with its client activities and keep up with the growth in demand for its worker safety-training courses and business consultation and support services.

“When we recruit individuals,” he said, “we all have different specialisms and abilities that allow us to draw upon the strengths or our organization to support clients.”

Safety Solutions & Supply currently employs 38 full-time and approximately 24 part-time safety and emergency-response professionals.

“Our employees are definitely a key asset, and we take great pride in their abilities,” David said.

Safety Solutions & Supply has offices and training facilities in the cities of Mulberry (Polk County) in Central Florida and Gonzales (Ascension Parish) in southeastern Louisiana. To learn about the wide-ranging safety training we offer, go to http://solutionsinsafety.com/training/. Our up-to-date course schedule can be found at http://solutionsinsafety.com/upcoming-events/. To learn about our retail services and industrial safety products, go to http://solutionsinsafety.com/safety-products/.

The season of giving brings out the best in people and businesses

IT’S THE SEASON OF GIVING, and the management of Safety Solutions & Supply really does admire, respect, and appreciate all of our team members who get involved in various ways and with various organizations to help make the holidays brighter and more joyous for fellow community members in need. For many of our team members, extra community involvement during the holidays is an extension of the noble charitable work and giving they do throughout the year.Continue reading

The gift of personal protective equipment (PPE) is a practical gift indeed

ARE YOU A PRACTICAL sort of gift buyer, preferring to give a family member or friend something he or she actually can use? If so, the Safety Solutions & Supply team would like to suggest that there’s nothing more practical than personal protective equipment, or PPE. It’s useful, of course, for people involved in construction, industry, shopwork, medicine, or hazardous trades, but it’s also practical for the rugged individualist, the outdoorsman or woman, the would-be lumberjack, the heavy-duty do-it-yourselfer (DIYer), or the careful-is-the-watchword person on your gift list.Continue reading

#ThankfulThursday: Do positive worker-safety trends have a place among your posts?

#THANKFULTHURSDAY … You’ll often find this hashtag on Facebook and Twitter social media feeds — on Thursdays, of course. You’ll likely find it used more often this time of the year — what some people call “the season of thanksgiving,” “the season of thankfulness,” or “the season of gratitude.” Thankfulness is a positive attitude for all seasons, but the emphasis is stronger during the holiday season, starting with the week of the Thanksgiving holiday and running right on through Christmas and New Year’s Day. People just seem to be more reflective this time of the year.Continue reading

For the holidays or for any time, we share ‘The Twelve Ways to Safety’

IT’S DIFFICULT TO HEAR “The Twelve Days of Christmas” holiday tune and have it quickly leave the mind. It kind of sticks with you for a while, wouldn’t you agree?

At Safety Solutions & Supply, we’re working toward the day that the focus on workplace safety sticks to everyone in construction, industry, manufacturing, and mining without fail — without letup. We’re doing that, to a great part, through the wide-ranging workplace safety training we offer.Continue reading